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Custom Shoes for Entire Family

- January 17, 2019 /
One of my favourite moments in 2018 was delivering the Thomas family custom shoes for the entire family. I had the opportunity to be creative as can be and painted custom shoes for each member of the family based on what they like. Hillsongs band, Liverpool, dogs and running were the themes for the custom [...]

Alaine Custom Converse

- November 20, 2018 /
In Jamaica they say “we likkle but we tallawah” meaning “we are little but we are strong”. I saw this message from my favourite Jamaican artist Alaine, whom I got the opportunity to customize a pair for. Alaine has been a great friend and supporter so when I first customized a converse pair similar to [...]

2face Unboxing Custom Vans

- October 23, 2018 /

I caught up with an old friend (literally old) lol, 2baba who loved the custom shoe designs we have showcased on social media. He was particularly drawn to the masai dancers theme and asked for that style on his pair. However I added a little twist to give it have a more personal Nigerian touch […]

Diversity Painting Timelapse

- June 30, 2018 /
I was blessed with an opportunity to create a painting for Axxess, a home healthcare technology company based in Dallas. The theme of this painting is centered around Diversity and Inclusion. More often than not when the word 'diversity' is brought up, the first thought that comes to mind is one's origin, however diversity is [...]

The Story of O.J – Custom Vans

- March 12, 2018 /
"The Story of O.J." tackles what it means to be a black person in modern America head-on, and its animated music video does the same. AY-Z's long pause followed by that "...OK" makes it clear how he feels about Simpson's comment. He also spends a lot of time in the song telling people it's better [...]

Custom Vans Slip On – Nas

- September 14, 2017 /
After I created a custom Vans slip on for Basketmouth, I recall prophesizing to my wife that one of my close friends will love it and like clockwork he was quick to get a pair. His concept was to use his favourite Nas album covers, the all time classic It Was Written and I am. [...]

Custom Vans Slip On – Busta

- August 1, 2017 /
This custom vans slip on's is the second slip on for my friend Basketmouth. I posted the other side already on my channel featuring Nas. I actually had to scratch the original drawing because it was looking nothing like Busta Rhymes but I ended up liking the final product.

Custom Vans Slip On – Nas Escobar

- August 1, 2017 /
This custom vans slip on's was a surprise gift to my friend Basketmouth, one of Nigeria's top comedians of all time. Having spent some time with him I noticed he really loves hip hop from the 90's era. So one day I asked him who his top two favourite artists are and he struggled to [...]

African Theme Custom Vans Kicks

- July 15, 2017 /

I’ve been dabbling with customizing shoes with the Angelus paints I recently purchased. This pair is for a special cousin I hold dear to heart, when I was 2 years old way back in the era before Facebook  and Snapchat my cousin took care of me when my mum traveled to visit my dad in […]

How to Draw a Sarkodie Caricature

- July 15, 2017 /

Sarkodie is one the greatest African rappers of all time. I once read a story about how he was trying to figure out whether he should rap in English ot Twi( a language in Ghana). Obviously the obvious and easy solution to this conundrum is to rap in English cause it’s universally recognized as the […]